Five Tips For A Successful PPC Campaign

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Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads are used by businesses to increase awareness, boost traffic and generate leads or sales. These ads can be displayed in search results, on social media or on relevant sites depending on the PPC provider you decide to use. Here are five tips you need to follow to make sure your PPC campaign will be a success. Or you could contact experts like to run a successful PPC Campaign.

Know What A Click Is Worth To You

Most PPC provider us a bidding system to determine which ads are shown to users. You will have to decide which keywords you want to target and what kind of users you would like to show your ads to based on demographics, location and other factors. The ad with the highest bid for the keyword and the user profile will be shown. Some PPC provider will charge you every time your ad is shown while others will only charge you with a user clicks on your ad. You need to figure out how much showing an ad or getting a click is worth to you so you don’t end up bidding more money than you should.

Choose The Right Platforms For Your PPC Ads

The cost and result of a PPC campaign varies a lot from one platform to another. Displaying your ads on Google and on other search engines is a good way to complement your SEO campaign and to generate leads by targeting users who are looking for a specific product or service. Showing your banners on a network of related websites is a good way to increase awareness for your brand. Ask yourself what your goals are for your PPC campaign, what kind of users you want to target and compare different PPC providers and the networks they use before choosing on.

Target The Right Keywords And Users

You need to show your ads to the right people. If your goal is to increase awareness for your brand, invest in banners that will be shown on websites relevant to your topic or use Facebook and other social media platforms to show your ads to users with a specific interest. If your goal is to drive sales up, target the keywords that convey the intention of researching a product, finding a service provider or making a purchase right away. You will get better results if your ads are shown to users who are ready to buy a product or to contact a service provider as opposed to targeting more general keywords.

Create Great PPC Ads

A good PPC ad should grab the attention of a user, provide them with valuable information and make them want to click on the ad. Using images is a great way to make your ads stand out but you need to make sure the images you use convey the right message and make people want to see more. If you use text-based PPC ads, write copy that is informative and use calls to action to get more clicks. If possible, run tests to compare two sets of ads so you can figure out which image or which copy generates the most leads. If you want to show video PPC ads, create quality video content that will make people want to keep watching once they have the option to skip the rest of the ad.

Deliver On What You Promised

Make sure that Internet users have an ideal experience after clicking on one of your PPC ads. If you showed a product in the ad, clicking on the ad should take them to the product page. If you mentioned a specific offer, they should find more information about this offer after clicking on the ad. Clicking on a PPC ad and not finding the kind of content they were expecting will probably cause users to leave your site immediately. You should also focus on developing quality content to keep people on your site after they follow a PPC ad and use different techniques to stay in touch with them or to make them want to visit your site again.

These five strategies will help you get better results with PPC ads. It is true that a lot of ads are ignored but you get more traffic and generate more leads with PPC ads if you target the right users and place your ads on the right sites and neworks.

Basic White Hat SEO Practices

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Search engine optimization is a must-have for all websites. By increasing your visibility in search, you can attract more leads and obtain more paying customers than by using social media. Besides, organic traffic is quite predictable, provided that you manage to maintain your top positions in the SERPs. However, reaching such results isn’t that easy. Most SEO professionals are aware of the fact that speeding up the link building process may attract severe penalties from Google or other search engines. This is why they use only white hat SEO practices while avoiding everything that could be considered as black hat SEO. This article is going to take a closer look at the basic white hat SEO practices and techniques.

A good SEO strategy should begin with keyword research. This would enable you to determine those search terms that have the biggest potential regarding traffic and sales. Also, your keyword research should allow you to pick moderately competitive keywords, to have more chances to get on the first page of Google within weeks or months. Keyword research is the foundation on which you’re going to build your SEO strategies and tactics later on.

Next, you need to optimize all pages of your website around their main keywords. If you want to use only white hat SEO try contacting marketing and SEM company in north naples as they are experts in this field, you also need to avoid stuffing your pages with keywords. Nonetheless, using your main keyword once in the page title, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph of your page copy is acceptable. Also, you need to make sure your copy contains synonyms of the main keyword, as well as other related terms.

When acquiring links from other websites, staying within the white hat SEO realm is a real challenge. You can’t buy links because this is considered a black hat SEO practice. You can’t distribute widgets containing a link back to your website, either. Exchanging links with other websites isn’t forbidden, but it doesn’t bring you too many advantages anyway. According to Google, the only legit method of getting other websites to link back to your pages is to write compelling content that makes other webmasters wish to link to it naturally. You can also write guest posts for other websites or blogs in your industry or niche, but this can also be a tricky practice, so you shouldn’t abuse it.

As website owners don’t have the natural tendency to link to other people’s content, you should put your creativity to good use, and find ways of attracting their attention. You can search for websites that tackle the same topics as yours and write their owners a message, inviting them to get to know your website. You can also consider creating a series of useful articles or guides on solving a major problem of your audience, and ask these website owners if they would agree to publish this series on their site.

Last but not least, you should always remember that you write for human readers above everything else. Creating a copy with the sole purpose of tricking search engines into ranking your pages higher in the SERPs isn’t going to make you successful, as it can be considered a black hat practice. Even if you may be able to climb your way to the top of the SERPs a bit faster, you risk to lose your competitive edge, as speeding up the natural SEO process may easily lead to penalties. Lifting some of these penalties is tough, if not impossible, so you should always stick solely to white hat SEO methods and practices.

Understanding What SEO Spam Actually Is

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Search engine optimization is a series of strategies that are used to rank content on the Internet. When you go to a website like Google, and you type in keywords, the most relevant results will be at the top. Certain rules must be followed to cater to the search engine algorithms. As long as you can comply with these rules, you will be rewarded with top rankings. Years ago, people learned what it was that the algorithms were looking for which allowed them to rank thousands of pages of the top of search engines with virtually no effort at all. To answer this problem, search engines like Google created algorithms that were able to discern what were called spam pages. Let’s go over what exactly these spam pages are, and how you can avoid being penalized for what is known as SEO spam.

What Exactly Is SEO Spam?

SEO spam refers to trying to comply with what the search engine algorithms are looking for without actually doing so. That sounds a little strange, but it can be explained in the following way. When you look at the first major algorithm shift that Google came out with, they came out with the Google Panda update. This was an update that would search for websites that had very little content but had all of the right keyword phrases. Therefore, to avoid being penalized by this particular algorithm, you simply need to provide them with quality content, preferably articles that are longer than 500 words in length. Another one was called Google Penguin which would penalize websites that had generated thousands of backlinks from sites all over the Internet. To avoid this penalty, it is necessary to get backlinks from websites that are not only respected by Google, but that also have a high PR ranking. It is also good to have a top Domain Authority and Page Authority ranking on those domains to make those links more relevant. There were many other updates including the Google Hummingbird which was essentially a complete rewrite of the way that Google evaluated websites. Regardless of all of this, there is a way to avoid being penalized at all by Google and still achieve top rankings for your website and web pages.

How Do You Avoid These Penalties Completely?

There are five specific rules that you need to follow if you want to avoid these problems. First of all, always create content that is unique. It is recommended for 2017 that your articles be a minimum length of 700 words, with 1000 words or more being preferable. Second, you need to add images to each of your pages that are representative of the content that you are talking about. Third, you need to add videos which are similar in content to what your article is about, preferably an embedded video that you own. Fourth, it is so important to interlink all of your web pages together, specifically those that are in similar categories. Finally, you need to link out at least twice to different websites online that currently rank above the fold for the keywords that you are targeting.

By following these simple strategies, with every page that you post, you are going to appease the search engine algorithms. However, unlike previous strategies that were trying to get away with all of the hard work involved with creating quality content, that is exactly what you are going to give them. Once you have a pattern for getting all of this done, you can quickly create pages that will rank well. Best of all, this can be outsourced to people that can do this for you following these simple rules so that you can avoid SEO spam on every website that you own.

The Issue Of Duplicate Content In SEO

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A part of most SEO strategies is to avoid duplicate content because it could affect your search rankings. If you are looking at your SEO strategy, then you need to consider the impact of duplicate content and what it will mean for your website.

What Is Duplicate Content?

To better understand the impact of duplicate content on your website you need to know what the search engines class as duplicate content. Duplicate content is any web content that appears in more than one place on the internet. When the same content repeatedly appears across the internet, the search engines will have a hard time determining which versions should be listed in their search results. This is a problem for website owners are search engines will only choose one instance of the content to list to avoid providing their users with the same content again and again.

Will Duplicate Content Hurt Your Entire Website?

Many people believe that one instance of duplicate content will cause their entire website to be blacklisted by the search engines. This is not true but could happen in certain instances. The instances where this happens come about when the duplicate content appears across the internet at the same time.

If you have a website that is just launching and you copy the homepage information into a press release, this could be a problem. When the press release it put out on the wire system the homepage content will instantly be generated across the internet. This will flag as spam for the search engines because there are hundreds of instances of the homepage information coming about all at the same time. The homepage information would also be for a new domain which does not have a history that they search engines can check. This will often result in the entire website being blacklisted by the search engines.

However, if you have a website which has been around for a while and has other original content, one instance of duplicate content will not be a problem. Of course, you will need to know that you are unlikely to rank for the content because the original will be online and have been ranked by the search engines already.

Scrapers Will Hurt Your Website

Scrapers are people who take your content and place it on their website resulting in duplicate content. While there are many websites and blog owners who watch their webmaster tools to see when their work is scraped and report this, the overall impact on your site will not be that great. If you have a site which has been around for a while, the search engines will not get confused between your original work and the duplicate that is on a small blog with no original content.

However, in the rare instances where your content has been scraped, and the duplicate content is ranking higher than you, you will need to report this. To report scraped content, you will need to use the Scraper Report Tool that many search engines offer. You will have to provide the URL for the original content, the scraped content, the search results and confirm that you are not a spammer.

Republishing Guests Posts On Your Site Will Hurt You

If you write a guest blog post, there will be the temptation to republish this on your website. However, doing this will harm your website because the original post is going to be on a blog with better ratings than you. You should instead look at creating a redirect on your site which points your readers to the guest post. This is a good SEO Practice.

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